Sefa Kitchen — Bondi


Cuisine   Our menu is influenced by an ancient region called Levantine. Levant is the Mediterranean part of the Middle East, covering Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Syria, Cyprus and the South East corner of Turkey. For the past 400 years the ancient cooking traditions of the area’s different ethnicities have mingled in this melting pot, creating a refined cuisine without national borders . The use of legumes, dairy, grains, spices and different cooking techniques, plus a strong focus on seasonal produce is inherent in this part of the world.

Meze   Meze dining is a communal way of celebrating food in the Middle East. We are excited to bring our interpretation of this dining ritual to Sydney Siders. This is not just about sharing dishes but about relaxing in the company of friends and family. Enjoying a Sefa moment over a glass of wine, cocktail or traditionally rakι/arak/ouzo. Sefa’s clay meze plates are handmade by the owner himself, Utku Ayhan.

Sustainability  ∫ Sustainability is part of everything we do at Sefa. We proudly source our grass-fed and hormone-free meats from local and credible butchers who support positive animal welfare practices. The team is currently developing our garden and raised beds where we grow many of our herbs. Our worm farm and compost bin reduce our waste while providing nutrition for garden beds. Our menu changes frequently depending on what is locally available and in season.

Sefa Kitchen is fully licensed

BYO ( Wine only ) Monday – Wednesday $10 corkage

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